Whats the perfect Valentines Outfit???

Valentines  full of Love all around friends, family, loved ones of all sorts and showing them how much they mean to us. But as far as what to wear???  Well it all really depends on what’s in store for your valentine’s?? (more…)



Fall in Love with Fall Fashion.  Here are some of our Fall Must haves to make sure your ready for this windy season.  the over sized cardigan is perfect for running out the house and it goes almost any casual out fit.  second is a checkered print anything.  also the mini tie around skater dress is a perfect cute dress for being cool while still keeping warm, rock with some high waist boots witch are a must must must have for fall and winter season ,pair these two and you are out the door.  and finally the last two is the elegant bandage dress perfect for a any holiday partys. and finally but not least the comfy romper witch is not only stylish but so comfy and warm.  Fall in Love with Fall Fashion.  Here are some of our Fall Must haves to make sure your ready for this windy season.

slat and pepper


Want the look that makes all the boys go crazy? Well I know I sure do! I call it the Kim K look aka Kim Kardashian. She’s is mostly known for her oh so curvaceous figure but her style is getting fame as well. Kim is starting to be known as a fashion icon but how can you duplicate this fashionista’s style simple just fallow these simple steps. (more…)

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Perfect colors for your summer

Bright colors have a tendency to attract eyes towards your direction. So when you’re at the beach and you want grab that six pack hotties attention a few feet down make sure you’re wearing a bright colored swimsuit, and he’ll be sure to turn your way. Use hot pinks highlighter yellow and bright greens to get the attention on you without actually trying for attention. they also attract the sun more so make sure you got some sun tan on and you’ll get that amazing sun kissed tan you been hopping for all summer. Bright colors also go great with fair skin and light eyes they tend to bring those pretty eyes. And for tanner darker skinned girls they blend perfectly especially a beautiful orange or bright red. We have a Wide verity of monokinis and bikinis to choose from at SMF from Bright Blues to Pretty Pinks just shop through our swim styles and you’ll be sure to find your perfect swimsuit for all summer.

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Get the Beyonce look

Ms. SashaFierce is a icon in many senses of the word, from singing to songwriting to a being a role model for young women. But were more interested in her iconic style, and we were curious to find out what was the BEYOUNCE LOOK? and well what we came up with was… (more…)